Size Guide

Sizing Table

 US Morimoto | EU CM
4 34 20.6
4.5 34.5 21.1
5 35 21.6
5.5 35.5 22.2
6 36 22.5
6.5 36.5 23
7 37 23.5
7.5 37.5 23.8
8 38 24.1
8-8.5 38.5 24.2-24.6
8.5 39 24.6
9 39.5 25.1
9-9.5 40 25.2-25.4
9.5 40.5 25.4
10 41 25.8
10.5 41.5 26.1
11 42 26.5

How to measure

We promise it's easy.

1. Grab a tape measure and find a wall with a hard surface floor.

2. Place the tape measure flat on the ground with the 0cm measurement flush against the wall. Taping it to the floor so it does not move can be helpful!

3. Now stand on your tape measure with your heel flush against the wall and mark in front of your longest toe. Be sure to measure both left and right feet. If one of your feet is longer than the other, use the longer foot to measure your size.

Foot length

Determine your foot length in CM

Then compare your cm measurement to Morimoto | Euro in our sizing chart to select your size.

All our styles run true to Euro size. We recommend selecting your normal Euro sizing (eg: 38, 39, 40). If between sizes, we recommended selecting the next size up.



Our shoes are made on Morimotos custom lasts, that are slightly wider than the majority of heels on the market. We do this to ensure room for subtle swelling over your big day and because we know how hard it is finding high heels that don't cause rubbing and nasty blisters.

If you have bunion bone problems or your foot measures wider than 11cm, we recommend selecting the next size up from your normal Euro sizing to allow for extra width. Measure directly along the foot with a flexible tape measure from the widest point of your inner to outer bunion bone to determine your foots width. Remember, it's easy to add additional padding if needed and not so easy to stretch a shoe, nor do we recommend attempting to stretch our shoes to protect the delicate buttery nature of our luxury nappa leathers.