Why we made the change

custom-made wedding shoes now ready-to-wear Meggan Morimoto

If you’ve landed on our website in your search for custom-made wedding shoes in Melbourne, you might be a little confused. It’s true custom heels have been our signature since 2018 – and we’ve developed a loyal following for our luxury offering. However, we’ve recently made some changes to make our shoes more accessible and affordable to brides across Australia. And on the other side of the globe.

In early March, we moved from custom-made wedding shoes into designer ready-to-wear and launched our online shop. If you have a minute, we’d love to explain why we did it. And why our bespoke heels still deliver the very best in terms of comfort and style. For your wedding day and for countless years to come. 

Custom-made wedding shoes take time – and delays cause stress for brides

Here’s a fun fact. It takes seven different factories to produce a single pair of Meggan Morimoto shoes. From our hand-stitched suede soles to our hidden comfort insoles, every detail is carefully considered. And each component is constructed by a team of skilled, specialist artisans in the hills of Tuscany, Italy.

We design our bespoke wedding heels in Melbourne, Australia. From there, we work with only the most well-respected Italian suppliers and factories. Hand-making each pair of shoes are craftspeople who’ve worked with the likes of Chanel, Manolo Blahnik and Bruno Magli. Passionate, generational artisans with shoemaking running through their blood.

This slow fashion approach is at the very heart of our business. It always has been and always will. However, when our shoes were custom-made, it also meant our brides had to be prepared for a lengthy wait. Which was fine, so long as things went to plan. But then along came the pandemic…

COVID put an end to face-to-face appointments

The COVID-19 pandemic meant unavoidable and unpredictable shipping delays. Orders were taking far longer than usual, which obviously created unwanted stress for our customers. And especially those who’d started wedding shoe shopping a little close to the special day.

During month upon month of lockdowns in Melbourne, we were also unable to welcome brides into our workshop for consultations and fittings.

By switching to ready-to-wear wedding shoes, this is no longer an issue. We’re now able to (safely) service countless brides a day, as opposed to the handful we could see on any given day in the workshop. We can do this both in pandemic times and (touch wood) normal times. And we can now work more easily with our brides in the US, Europe and other parts of the world.

You can customise your bridal shoes with embellishments

In the four years we’ve been custom-making high heels, we’ve found that most brides don’t have a burning desire to actually design a shoe from scratch. Instead, they want to put a small stamp of their personality and style onto their wedding footwear. So, we set about incorporating this flexibility and personalisation into our brand with our ready-to-wear offering.

How? With our range of wedding shoe embellishments, handmade in Italy. From pearl drops and clusters to silk ankle wraps, romantic blossoms and leather obi bows, our detachable embellishments are the easy way to personalise your big day look. The embellishments pair with most of our bridal sandals and pumps. You can purchase our shoes ‘naked’ or with one or more embellishments. This allows you to style your heels up or down, enabling you to get much more wear from a ‘bridal’ style.
The embellishments are interchangeable, and some can also be positioned to suit your mood. For example, on the ankle strap or on the front of the shoe. Because more options are always a good idea, in our opinion. 

customised high heels with interchangeable embellishments Meggan Morimoto

Custom high heels aren’t the only comfortable option

If superior comfort is the reason you’re shopping for custom heels, our ready-to-wear styles won’t leave you wanting. Each pair of high heels is built from the sole up for lasting luxury comfort. Every shoe is made on one of our custom collections of lasts, which ensures even weight distribution, balance and stability. While relieving that familiar pressure from the balls of the feet – so you’re sure to be the last woman standing on the dance floor.

Our heels also feature custom-designed insoles, made from high-quality podiatric memory foam, PORON. These hidden comfort insoles mould perfectly to your foot, providing delicious cushioning, and retaining density wear after wear.

In terms of materials, we use only the highest quality Italian nappa leathers and fabrics. Butter-soft, supple and selected for their longevity. (Did you know a premium leather shoe should last for 10-plus years?)

We also use soft, breathable leather linings to reduce friction and keep busy bridal party feet blister-free.

Our ready-to-wear collection is luxurious – and limited

We all want to feel special, individual and a little pampered – especially on our wedding day. You can rest assured you’ll draw nothing but compliments in our luxurious modern bridal heels. We produce Morimotos slowly and sustainably, which means we make each style in limited quantities to reduce waste. So, you won’t be wearing a mass-produced shoe by any stretch of the imagination.

Most of our heels can be personalised with our luxury embellishments, while our James orange slingback pumps are eye-catching and unique for non-traditional brides.

We’re still here to help

Whilst creating our online store, we set out to make the shopping experience just as enjoyable and seamless as ever. If not more so, as there’s no travel time or expense involved. And all Morimoto shoe styles and embellishment options are instantly viewable – from the comfort of your own home.

You can find our size guide and shoe care information online, including tips on measuring your foot to ensure the perfect fit. We’ve also provided extensive shipping and returns information for all our postal regions in AU, NZ and the rest of the world.

For any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. In the meantime, we hope you’ll find your dream shoe in our new ready-to-wear collection.

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