craftsmanship X comfort 

Craftsmanship & Comfort

We've taken care to refine every detail of our designs: the cut of our patterns, the placement of our seamlines, the quality of our leathers and fabrics and the craftsmanship and comfort of every shoe.

Fit & Design

We sketch, prototype and fit test every design to achieve the best cuts and seam line placements for comfort.

For comfortable toe placement, we’ve built our collection to include an assortment of narrow & wide toe boxes to suit foot shapes of varying widths.

Hidden Comfort

For added stability, each style features a suede leather sole with impressed grip. This unique feature aids in shock absorption and slip resistance to help you stay balanced.

Our custom-designed insoles provide added cushioning and hidden comfort that lasts. Made from PORON, our insoles will mould to the shape of your feet and retain their density with each wear.

Even Weight Distribution

We have engineered our very own, unique to the brand, collection of lasts that every pair of Morimoto's are manufactured on.

Our custom collection of lasts achieve even weight distribution to relieve pressure on the balls of the feet and create stability and balance.

Fabric & Materials

Every style has a soft nappa leather lining to minimise friction across the foot and ankle and allow the foot to breathe.

We’ve designed our collection to be flexible and customisable to suit every type of occasion, from the everyday to the one-off.


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