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We're changing the look of comfort

Long standing conventions still tower over the designer high heel industry and leave us accepting that fashion necessarily forsakes comfort.

The concept

I began Morimoto shoes interested in designing a new take on what luxury designer heels could offer.

My concept was to design a high heel collection that was both striking in appearance and wearable in design. I wanted to challenge expectations of what a comfort high heel could look like and expand the conventional offering of luxury footwear to include both comfort and style, equally.

Morimoto encompasses my idea of true luxury footwear: it’s bold and expressive yet practical and wearable– it’s style without compromise.

The Journey

I've spent 4 years building out my collections: consulting experts; designing patterns; prototyping and refining every design; and unravelling the elusive world of Italian shoe manufacturing.

I’m pleased to be able to finally share this collection with you and I hope that it can offer you the style and comfort you seek– no compromise.

What's in a name?

In fashion and design I’m interested in the intersection of the old and the new: traditional craftsmanship meets contemporary style.

As such, I thought it was fitting to name my label after the original influencer of my style sensibilities, my Japanese grandmother Teruko Morimoto. Independent, intelligent, charismatic and self-assured, she was radically unconventional for her time and embodies the essence of my label.

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